Check Out Top 10 Modern Staircase Designs

Modern Staircase Designs

Modern Staircase Designs. A building with more than one story will require a staircase of stairs in other to move between various floors. Current staircase of stairs plans have happened to significance in the engineering of a house, individuals presently utilize their staircase of stairs for taking wedding and graduation photographs.

It’s no question that engineers and fashioners invest a lot of energy on a staircase of stairs plan. Ongoing changes in the staircase of stairs guarantee risers are not excessively slanting, steps are not excessively tight for the foot, and lopsided riser statures and stars profundities are precisely assessed.

Top 10 modern staircase designs below;

  • Straight staircase design
  • Quarter landing staircase
  • Circular staircase
  • Bifurcated stairs
  • Geometrical staircase
  • Half landing stairs
  • Spiral staircase
  • Curved staircase
  • Arched stairs
  • Winder stairs

Straight staircase design

straight staircase

The straight staircase design is the common type of staircase that can be found in most houses, it doesn’t have any curve or turning. The straight staircase is common because of its functionality and simplicity, eases traveling up and down with no corners that hinder climbing, and has no change in direction on any flight between two floors. The straight staircase is less expensive and easy to install.


Quarter landing staircase 

quarters staircase

The quarter landing staircase, popularly known as the L-shaped stair is just a bit different from the straight stair. A quarter landing stair can be more visually interesting and safer than straight stairs as it reduces the number of stairs one can fall at a flight and the landing has space for resting.

Circular staircase

circular staircase

A circular stair is similar to winders stairs. It links to all of the floors in a building and is often located at the back of a building, to locate all of its floors externally. Circular stairs radiate around a center pole and follow a single center of bending when viewed from above.

4. Bifurcated stairs

bifurcated staircase

A bifurcated staircase requires great inputs for its construction, arranged with a wide flight in the beginning and subdivided into narrow flights at the mid landing.  A bifurcated staircase can be found in public buildings and it can be of poles with handrails, bifurcates into two narrower flights at the landing.

5. Geometrical staircase

geometrical staircase

Geometrical staircases come in any shape or mixture of different shapes and make use of winders for change in their directions. The opening between the forward and the backward flights is curved. The strings and rails of geometrical stairs are arranged on geometric principles and typically have no common styles of designing.

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6. Half landing stairs

half landing

Half landing staircase is similar to quarter landing stairs with straight flights that change direction by 180 degrees with a place for resting at the landing. The two staircases is divided by the landing with less number of stairs in one flight which makes walking more comfortable. In half landing stairs, flights are in opposite directions with no space between the flights.

7. Spiral staircase

spiral staircase

Spiral staircases are similar to circular stairs with a small curving that radiates around a central pole. Spiral staircases are assembled with railings on one side only and they can be used for both indoor and outdoor structures. Outdoors spiral staircase is often made of metal or wood. Spiral staircase design is meant for space management and allow for very interesting designs

8. Curved staircase

curved stairs

A curved staircase as the name implies curves around in a certain direction and actually has two rises and run layouts. A curved staircase often has a bending surface with a similar structure to spiral stairs and it can be found in schools, museums, and larger properties with enough space.


9. Arched stairs

arched stairs

An arched staircase has flight resembling an arch in its shape. Arched stairs are built with flight resembling an arch in its plan. Arched stairs are expensive but they’ve got a nice appearance that will make your house look good.

10. Winder stairs

winder staircase

Winder stairs can be found in modern buildings such as event places or shopping malls and turn by 90 and 180 degrees. Designed with soft and flowing lines and looks very intriguing, although with no landing till you get to the top. The two types of winder stairs are single wider and double winder stairs.

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