• Petik Limited shall serve as a broker in any of the properties introduced by Petik Limited to the agent or clients.
• The agent/client can not in any way go back to acquire the property behind Petik Limited without the knowledge of the organization.
• Defaulter shall pay the equivalent of the agency fee if found by Petik Limited.
• Petik Limited will not take any agent alone to any property without the client who has shown interest in the said property.
• All transactions’ payments shall be done officially and to Petik Limited Zenith's official account.
  • •Account Name: PETIK ENERGY LTD Account Number: 1210483656 Bank: Zenith Bank•
• The client and the agent are dealing with Petik Limited and not any of the company’s representatives.

I consent to Petik Limited that the information about me set out under the Agent/Client information section is accurate and genuine as necessary to verify my identity.

I authorize Petik Limited to take such steps (Introduce me to the Property) as it considers necessary to verify the validity of the information I have provided and to collect my personal information for that purpose. I also promise to stand by the rules of this engagement with Petik Limited