The 5 Real Estate, Property Dev, life Devils

The 5 Real Estate, Property Development, and life Devils of Psychological Sabotage.

Real Estate and life Devil #1: Excuses
Your excuses are liars; your doubts are thieves.

In Real estate, property development, and life, the more times in a day that you rationalize why you can’t become all that you wish to be or handcraft the life that your best self wants, the more you’ll hardwire the neural circuit of that belief into your brain.

And that which you keep practicing is that which you’ll become a pro at. We become amazing at the things we repeat.
If you keep making excuses you diminish your power to do remarkable things, grow stronger amid adversity, and live the life of your ideals, you won’t do the work required to realize these feats.

“Excuses in Real estate, property development, and life, come like this, it is because I live in Mainland, I am having problems experiencing progress in my career”.

Hmmm, did you know some people are Very Successful they live in the Mainland and not on the Island


Typical examples of People who have been successful living on the mainland all their lives, even though may not all be in Real estate, property development, but has bought houses for sale in Lagos.

Omotola Jalade Ekeinde is one of the most successful actresses in Nollywood she lives in the Mainland all her life, not on the Island.
Reminise the Rapper and actor lives and built his house in Ikorodu.
Serial Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, and Developer Stephen Akintayo Have Estates in Ibeju lekki, but his Head office is at Omole phase 1, and he lives in Mainland and very Successful despite traffic and holds up.


I am not Successful because of location; I stay outside Lagos.

Did you know some people don’t live in Lagos State; people live in Enugu, Abuja, Jos.

A certain Dr. Malik Haroon King has over 90k plus Subscribers on YouTube and doing well as a result of his high-income Skills and he is not living in Lagos State, he started from Jos and Abuja and yet still wins’ awards globally.


We have people based in Abuja doing real estate, property development, and other industries doing well.
Living in Island is not an automatic guarantee you will be successful, work on your skillset.
People are doing well financially due to their Developed high-income Skills and they make things happen via remote Working and online.
Every Excuse, you are giving there is someone who is going through the same challenge but crushing it big due to the same scenario.


So don’t dwell in these excuses for too long because, in Real estate, property development, and life, your very mental habit will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. And actually limit the growth of your potentially awesome reality.

Real estate, property development, and life, Devil #2: Blame

Be guarded because, in Real estate, property development, and life, Blaming others is giving your primal power to the people and conditions that you blame.

We sometimes dwell on our psychological victim stories and make use of procrastinating patterns to the point where they actually become our identity the more we blame.


In Real estate, property development, and life, it’s a must you begin to take back your power to be the creator of your bravest life and the generator of your wildest dreams, once you stop blaming that which is outside of you for the things you are currently experiencing.

Are you a network marketing professional, realtor or Entrepreneur, or a Real estate, property development professional?

Whom are you blaming? is that Uncle or Aunty who refused to pay your school fees or refused to take you overseas.
Or are you blaming your parents for not sending you abroad for studies?
Are you blaming your up line or a mentor for your current state?


Are you blaming the Covid-19 pandemic situation or the Nigerian economy for the reason why things are currently the way there are for you?

Wake up and stop the blame game, learn to be better, be optimistic, be innovative, because to succeed in Real estate, property development, and life, u must stop blaming others.

Real estate, property development, and life, Devil #3: Gossip


Speaking about people who are not present amplifies what you speak of within your own thinking especially in Real estate, property development, and life.

Talk of someone else’s misdeeds, weaknesses, or blind spots and you’ll be cementing these within your own mentality. And your everyday behavior tends to always reveal these deepest (unconscious) beliefs.

Real estate, property development, and life, Devil #4: Complaint


Complaining is a meek form of anger in Real estate, property development, and life.
The more you grumble about what’s not working for you, the more you’ll be training your brain to look for those things in your environment.

In Real estate, property development, and life; Human cognition is built in such a way—through a system called The Reticular Activating System—that we actually only see the things outside of us that fit with the story we’ve sold ourselves.

Complain about how little money you have and all you’ll see is more scarcity of prosperity.
Complain of how mean people are and you’ll notice more mean people.
Complain of the lack of opportunities and you’ll witness more closed doors.

Real estate, property development, and life, Devil #5: Apathy


Your brain requires novelty to become fully engaged in Real estate, property development, and life. Without a mighty mission to give your days over to, high-value targets that electrify your enthusiasm and meaningful pursuits that fuel your joy, you’ll grow bored. And apathetic.

Scared people generally complain about how bored they are, by the way.


They are so terrified of living their genius and honoring their original gifts that they’ve suppressed their ambitions. Well in Real estate, property development, and life, those set of people have no energetically imagined future that gets them out of bed before the sun comes up and inspires them to present their finest creativity to a most welcoming society.

Consider these 5 devils that sabotage a pristine mindset Real estate, property development, and life, especially in challenging times. And then stay committed to doing the morning mastery work to ensure that they never affect the heavens of potential that your life is meant to materialize.


Question of the day.

Which of these 5 Devils of Real estate, property development, and life, Psychological Sabotage is affecting your personal life and professional career?

What are your favorite excuses you give for why things are not working out? please write it down on paper and brainstorm solutions to work this out.

Whom are you blaming for your current state?

The MD of your place of work, Your Mentor, Your Coach, Your Uncle or Aunty who didn’t support you, your Parents, or Your Successful Siblings or relatives?

Do you gossip or complain so much about a lack of opportunities or do you need to be more resourceful about life?
How are you dealing with Apathy and connecting with your Purpose and mission and goals?

Thank you.

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