Top Real Estate Companies in Lekki, Lagos

Top Real Estate Companies in Lekki, Lagos

real estate companies in lekki, lagos. petik limited

Do you want to know about the top real estate companies in Lekki, Lagos?
If so, you’re on the right track. Finding, buying, leasing, or renting a
property in Lekki can be a challenging process due to various factors.
However, with the assistance of reliable and reputable
real estate companies, you can navigate the real estate market in Lekki with ease.
In this article, we will highlight the top real estate companies in Lekki,
Lagos, that can help you buy, rent, or own a property in this thriving city.


When purchasing a home in Lekki, Nigeria, it is essential to consider
several factors to ensure a sound investment. First and foremost,
it is crucial to verify that the building is structurally sound and free from
any significant cracks. Additionally, checking the plumbing system
and necessary installations is vital.

Requesting access to previously finished work can give you insights

into the quality of construction. It’s also important to examine the roadways

and drainage systems in the surrounding areas.


Checking the treatment facility, borehole,
and water supply, as well as verifying the electrical setups and obtaining
the necessary plans and approvals, are all essential steps in ensuring a
successful property purchase. Lastly, evaluating the building’s sewage
system is crucial. Keeping these pointers in mind will help you make an
informed decision when purchasing a property in Lekki, Lagos.

Now, let’s delve into the top real estate companies in Lekki, Lagos:


Petik Limited:

Petik Limited, with its headquarters in Lekki, Lagos, has branches in
Oshogbo, Port-Harcourt, and Bayelsa state. It is a renowned Top real estate
company that offers best-in-class construction services, generating attractive
risk-adjusted returns for real estate consumers, partners, and investors.
With an impressive portfolio of over 100 projects, including the prestigious
Petik Garden Estate, Cowrie Creek Estate development,
and commercial developments for both public and private sectors,

Petik Limited has established itself as one of the largest developers of
commercial and residential real estate in Nigeria. Their clientele
base extends beyond Africa, reaching Europe, Asia, the Middle East,
and other regions.


Initial Dillon Consultant Limited:

Situated on the Lekki-Epe Expressway in Lagos, Nigeria, Initial Dillon
Consultant Limited is an architectural and top real estate company and development firm.
The company specializes in design services, property development,
investment, and facilities management.

With a strong foothold in the housing and regeneration sector,

Initial Dillon Consultant Limited combines project design and management

expertise with meticulous attention to detail. Their commitment to

excellence ensures that they deliver and operate modern facilities that

meet the desires of their clients.

CDV Developments and Properties:

CDV Developments and Properties is a prominent Nigerian
top real estate company in lekki, Lagos that offers services in
civil construction and property development.

Known for effectively managing innovation and delivering projects on time,
CDV Developments and Properties boasts a remarkable portfolio
and abundant material, human, and technological resources.

With their comprehensive project delivery program, including design,
construction management, materials procurement, engineering,
transportation, logistics, and site support services,
they are well-equipped to handle total project responsibility.


Cortts Real Estate & Property Development Limited:

Cortts Real Estate & Property Development Limited is a
reputable top real estate management firm located in the Lekki Peninsula.
They specialize in providing project management services in
neighborhoods like Lekki and Ikoyi.

In addition to their services in these areas,

Cortts Real Estate & Property Development Limited
also offers real estate services in other regions of Nigeria.

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Sterling Homes Limited:

Sterling Homes Limited is a reliable top real estate company that focuses
on building and managing properties. Their services extend to various
parts of Lagos and other Nigerian states. With a commitment to providing
quality homes and land schemes, Sterling Homes Limited caters to the
diverse needs of their clients.

They also offer consultancy services to ensure a seamless real estate experience.


Adron Homes and Property:

Adron Homes and Property is a renowned top real estate development
company that aims to become the top Pan-African real estate development

With a goal of providing the highest number of quality, easily accessible, cozy,

and reasonably priced homes that meet international housing standards,

Adron Homes and Property is committed to ensuring that everyone has access

to adequate and affordable housing.
Their extensive portfolio includes estates, lands, and assets in various
states across Nigeria, such as Lagos, Abuja, and Ogun State.



LandWey is a comprehensive top real estate development company in Lekki, Lagos

that provides end-to-end services for land, homes, and businesses. Driven by innovation, dedication,

and technology, LandWey offers unique home living experiences and enhances the vitality of
nearby towns. Since its establishment in 2016, LandWey has built 18 residential estates

between the 2nd Toll Gate and Epe, including projects such as Isimi Lagos, The Apartment,

Hockley, and the award-winning Urban Prime series. Their commitment to
excellence has solidified their position in the Nigerian real estate market.


Jide Taiwo & Co:

Jide Taiwo & Co is a licensed top real estate company, a surveying and valuation
firm in Nigeria. As an Estate Surveyors and Valuers professional service firm,
Jide Taiwo & Co has been delivering outstanding services to clients since
its establishment in 1980.

They are a corporate member of the Nigerian Institution of Estate Surveyors and Valuers

(NIESV) and have become a symbol of excellence in Nigeria’s real estate sector.


Albert & Wand:

Albert & Wand is a young yet highly active and inspiring top real estate company based in Lagos,

Nigeria. With their commitment to going above and beyond, they have garnered a diverse

clientele who have found their happy place with Albert & Wand.

The company offers precise and accurate real estate services, focusing on buying, selling,
and property management. Their excellent collection of carefully hand-selected homes

in favored locations sets them apart in the crowded industry. Albert & Wand’s personalized
approach and understanding of clients’ needs have helped
them maintain close client relationships and receive numerous recommendations.


PWAN Homes Limited:

PWAN Homes Limited, also known as PWAN Homes, is a property marketing and information

company located in Lekki, Lagos. They operate the Home Ownership Made Easy Scheme,
making affordable and rapidly developing land accessible to the general population.
Their range of services includes real estate development,
property management, land surveying, seminars, training, and consultations.

In conclusion, these top real estate companies in Lekki, Lagos,

stand out for their expertise, professionalism, and commitment to providing exceptional

real estate services. Whether you’re looking to buy, rent, or own a property,

these reputable companies can assist you in finding the perfect

home or investment opportunity in Lekki. Emphasizing their prominence and

excellence in the real estate industry, these companies are trusted partners for

navigating the vibrant Lekki real estate market.


in conclusion, before you go about getting duped or scammed by some not qualified real estate persons, feel free to contact any of this real estate companies because they are considered as the top real estate companies in lekki, lagos. because of there sincerity and effectiveness in the real estate industry.

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