7 Easy Affordable Ways To Style Your Kitchen

7 Easy Affordable Ways To Style Your Kitchen

For the devoted gourmet specialist and foodie like me, the kitchen can be viewed as our main thing from the house, that is assuming you call my steady watching of cooking shows and exploring different avenues regarding the plans in my mind, culinary expert style cooking. That to the side, we can all concur that the kitchen is the core of the home and where a larger part of us invest a great deal of energy either cooking or searching for what to eat.

My affection for cooking shows has woken me up to different types of kitchen styles. Regardless of whether rare, contemporary, old French, or early English, they all share one thing for all intents and purposes, STYLE.

I had always seen the kitchen as a place where food is just meant to be cooked, nothing major, but with the number of stylish kitchens I have seen, walking into my bland kitchen just wants me to rip everything in it off and maybe one way the beautiful kitchens I see on TV will just appear before me. But that is impossible and renovating the kitchen is definitely out of it, only if I am willing to cough out millions of naira to get my dream kitchen, so I had to find creative ways to make the kitchen stylish without spending a fortune.

Making your kitchen match your style is one way to enjoy cooking as a beautiful kitchen is a place everyone will love to cook in.

So here are 7 easy yet affordable ways you can style your kitchen.

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1. Change the lighting

The kitchen lights are the first thing most people check when they walk into a room, so changing it is a way to add style to your kitchen. If the kitchen lighting is dim or you hate it, then change it. It doesn’t have to be expensive, as there are a number of stylish light fixtures you can get at the hardware store. But if you are willing to splurge then you can invest in a stylish chandelier for the kitchen.

2. Replace cabinet doors

Instead of changing your whole cabinets, why not just replace your cabinet doors with new ones or sanding and refinish your old ones. This will instantly brighten your kitchen space by giving it a sleek new look. You can even forgo the doors and create an open shelving system to show off your nicest pieces.

3. Use lighter colours


I wonder why people love using dark boring colours to paint their kitchen walls? Anyway, a light colour on the walls and cabinets instantly brightens your space making it look larger and in turn more expensive. Light colours reflect light and hide a multitude of sins, including those scratches, dings and dents in your old cabinets.

4. Paint an accent wall

Not everyone has the time to paint the cabinets or maybe painting is really not their thing and can’t afford to hire a painter, like me, why not paint an accent wall. doing a single wall will save you time and can change the entire outlook of your kitchen. For example, if you paint your kitchen light grey, pick an accent wall and paint it two shades darker and see the way this will add style to your kitchen.

5. Use small appliances as decorative accessories

Colourful appliances have always been a way to add style to your kitchen. Old kitchen design magazines have style ideas involving using pastel coloured appliances and furniture and you can tap from that. Not everyone can afford an orange fridge, and it might be too bold for you so try other appliances. You can use a cobalt toaster or a cherry red mixer, just go crazy with everything else and use them as jewellery for your kitchen, The best part is you can always move them around or put them away if you want to change your look.


6. Place a rug in front of the sink


Placing a colourful rug in front of your sink, does double duty, as it makes your workstation more comfortable on your feet and also adds a splash of colour. (Even serves as a way to cover ugly flooring and take people’s eyes away from it, win-win).

7. Add a backsplash


The backsplash is tomfoolery and a reasonable method for adding style to your kitchen. The excellence of it is that it is extremely restricted in the area as the normal backsplash is somewhere in the range of 10 and 40 square feet.

Assuming that you feel it is a piece costly to introduce, or you don’t realize anything about tiles then, at that point, simply paint it, however, ensure you use semi-gleam paint as it is not difficult to clean.

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