Epe Land; Why Do You Need To Invest There

Epe, situated North side of the Lekki Lagoon and less than 100km away from the great city of Ibadan, and the strategic location of the town gives it the advantages of a Gateway City.

The Town promises to become the Residential capital of one of the largest emerging economic centers in West Africa which is the heart of the Lagos Mega City Project and this is because of her direct link to Ibeju Lekki.

She also has the potential of serving as the Transit Hub of all other States in Nigeria that will be coming to do businesses at Ibeju Lekki as it is the only city with the closest link. It is the calmest place to live and do business in Lagos State and also boasts of good working infrastructures.

Epe as a town is home to some of the prominent and most celebrated people in Lagos State, two past Governors of the State; Michael Otedola and Akinwunmi Ambode, Femi Otedola, Shafi Edu and a host of others can boast of the town as their home.

There are locations called ‘The New Lagos’ because of the development that is being channeled towards those areas and Epe is listed as being among one of such places and this is as a result of so many factors and features found in the area and neighboring communities.

The concentration of such great facilities facilitates the growth rate of every developing area and this is what is been witnessed currently in Epe.

Do you often find yourself asking why you should invest in the new oil well of Lagos State? This is a good read for you then, as it exposes all the greatness that is hidden in the much-ignored Town.

GREAT NEIGHBORHOOD; Epe town is particularly blessed with a great neighborhood that has played a reasonable role in the establishment of the community as a sort-after investment option.

Epe Resort and Spa, Alaro Satellite City, the Lekki free trade zone, Dangote Refinery, the New Seaport and Airport, St Augustine University and also Lagos State University, Epe Chapter, etc are some of the notable landmarks that are driving civilization to the small town.

The presence of such neighborhoods means the presence of people and where there are people, there is development.

With so many developments currently centered towards the end of Lekki-Epe Expressway, a lot of individuals and corporate bodies are moving their Enterprises to the town as lands found there are quite affordable as compared to those seen on Lagos Island.

The presence of all of these landmarks puts Epe at the top of the list when it comes to Land investment.

AMAZING NATURAL FEATURES; Epe Town boasts of the Epe Resorts and Spa and also of their great craft in fishing with the abundance of fishes available in the community giving most of her residents a credible source of livelihood.

The presence of the Lagoon in the town has played a great role in the industrialization of the town drawing in more revenue to the community from the commercialization of the water body, that is, the Epe Resort and their commercial fishing.

These natural features have overtime increased the presence of tourist visits to the town opening up to the introduction of other businesses in that area, hence, making it a great place to invest in.

AFFORDABLE HOUSING; Having a home or a property in Epe is way more affordable than having any in other parts of Lagos State.

Are you of the middle class and looking for where to have a home of yours without having to spend way above your budget while still maintaining that Lagos lifestyle though in a calmer environment?

Epe is your best bet. The costs of labor and production materials in the small town come at a cheaper rate as compared with other parts of Lagos. The expenses that will be spent in the construction of a four-bedroom terrace duplex in some areas like Lekki can be used to produce two of such houses in Epe, no here are the reasons;

While most of the areas in Lekki are wetlands, Epe boasts of about 95% of her lands being dried. What this simply means is that while you spend so much trying to sand fill a plot of land in Lekki, the amount spent can be channeled to your building project in Epe.

Building on a wetland means having to spend so much on the layering of the foundation but with Epe, the expenses spent on the Lekki land can cover the costs of raising the foundation level up to the linter level which invariably means saving more.

Lekki as an Urban area in Lagos State is very busy, populated, and definitely comes with its high cost even as a resident or a commercial area.

Building materials sold on this part of Lagos cannot in any way be compared with those sold in Epe in terms of pricing and delivery, this is as a result of the high fees often paid as rents for the offices/shops housing them.

EXPONENTIAL INCREASE; There was a time people were begged to come and invest in the Lagos Island that everyone is clamoring to invest in now, those individuals that keyed into the vision only have sweet songs to sing about the wise decisions they made then.

That circle is repeating now with the investments currently going on with Epe Town and at the rate, the community is opening up and with the various neighborhood encompassing it, Epe lands are estimated to increase triple their initial price in 3-5years, that is to say, a Land currently selling at two million now is estimated to have increased to 6-8million in few years to come.

It is a known fact that one of the greatest investments to go into is investing in Real Estates, landed properties never lose value as compared to other pleasurable liabilities like Cars, luxury gadgets, and accessories, etc. While all of these are great, having an investment is greater.

It is quite unfortunate that a lot of people do not understand how fast-growing Epe is becoming over the day. The growth of all other notable areas found within her axis plays a great role in the growth of the town, thus increasing its value.

If you are someone that does not like to engage in high-risk investments yet looking for the best investment options to go into, Landed properties are the best option; buy and watch your investment grow for you.

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